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Did 2020 Turn Your Life Upside-Down? Are You Worried About Your Financial Security? Struggling To Make Ends Meet? Don't Know How To Break Free From Financial Stress?

Discover How You Can Potentially Turn $100 Into Over $1,000 Per Day In 24 Months By Joining The 1KaDay* Club!

17th August 2022 | 6PM AEST OR
18th August 2022 | 10AM AEST

Live Zoom Virtual Event

YES! $1000 USD, every, single, day.  * 


Just think about earning an
extra $1000 USD a day PASSIVELY! 

That could mean...

Completely Paying Off Your Loans

Finally Building an Emergency Fund

Going on a Dream Vacation

Owning a House

Driving your Favorite Car

Getting your Kids through College

Starting your Own Business

A Retirement Fund

Complete Financial Independence

Just take a moment and think...
How can an extra $1,000 USD a day change your life? 

With some patience, the right strategies, after many months or potentially years, you have a chance to get there.

While there is risk, just think about the amazing reward you could gain.

For a lot of us, 1KaDay means FREEDOM and that’s exactly what we want to help you with.

We are...

We are the premier digital assets, and wealth-building education company that’s on a mission.

To Help 1 Million People Unplug From The Financial Matrix And Achieve Financial Independence by 2032.

Our current financial reality is HARD!

The reality is that the world has been held back by the greedy and debt-driven traditional financial system for far too long.

It’s been taught time and time again that if someone follows the “right path”, they’ll be successful.

The path told to us:

Then you and your family will be secure forever!

But, that's no longer true!

Have you ever felt like you were in this situation? Do any of these things resonate?

1. No matter how much you make, it seems to be never enough.

2. You don’t feel like your family is secure if there is another pandemic or an emergency.

3. You don’t feel like you’re prepared to lose your income.

4. You’re fighting tooth and nail or chasing your tail in your day job but you feel that you have no choice but to keep going.

5. You have no option but to take out loans for things like daily expenses, to buy a house, a car, or even to get your kids through school.

6. Stuck in the rat race.


The reality is that SO MANY people are going through similar things…

Here are some SHOCKING MONEY FACTS that might resonate with you about your financial future:

1. 50% of Australia’s working population is living pay cheque to pay cheque. According to a research done by the National Australia Bank's wealth management arm, MLC

2. And the problem is worse among the millennial age group, with 70% admitting that they are living pay cheque to pay cheque and struggling to make ends meet. Can you relate to this?

3. Australians have over $32 Billion in just credit card debt which is adding to the financial stress people are facing today. Is that the same for you?

4. A life with no savings makes it even harder these days especially in the pandemic! A staggering 66% of Australians actually don’t have enough savings to cover six months if they ever lose their jobs.

5. AND 23% of Australians don’t even have emergency savings AT ALL. Do you?

If this sounds like you...

You are VULNERABLE but don’t blame yourself.

The current financial system is DESIGNED that way.

This debt-driven financial system forces normal people to never have enough and families are now stuck in this endless cycle forever.

So, we understand, more than you would think, that it can get so difficult, frustrating, and sometimes impossible to earn and secure the future for you and your family.

The only people EARNING from this are the powerful, the extremely wealthy, and the greedy. They control OUR hard-earned money and use OUR money to earn and stay wealthy and we’ve allowed them.

We’ve been victims of this debt-driven, greedy, financial system for FAR TOO LONG.

And we’ve been there too BUT we found a way to finally BREAK OUT.

Let me explain exactly where we are coming from when we say:
We’ve been there and now we’re on a MISSION to help.

Here is the Breakout Solutions team:

Hi, I’m Michael Hazilias.

I’m the Co-founder and CEO of Breakout Solutions but my tech journey started all the way at the age of 16. I built my first tech company then sold it to a bigger firm a few years later. Since then, I’ve built multiple tech companies including easyemployer which is now a 7-figure business with employees all over the world. Including easyemployer, I’m involved in 6 technology companies offering my skills, experience and strategies to help them grow successfully. I have also compounded my wealth through investing and trading since 2013 and now manage a 7-figure portfolio across multiple asset classes.

This probably sounds like I have everything under control, thriving and on top of the world, right?

It is that way now, but it wasn’t always like that…

At a point in my journey, I nearly lost it all, including my life.

My main tech business was growing but like many start-ups in growth mode, we were struggling to reach profitability. This business was debt funded and we were burning cash every month and that runway was becoming shorter and shorter as time went by.

There was just so much pressure on the business and in turn, on me. I was pushing myself so hard, so that we could grow fast enough to break even before the runway ran out, and I hit a point where I believed it was impossible. But I kept on pushing…

I was overworked, pressured, stressed and more alone than I had ever felt in my life. And it eventually resulted in a physical and a mental breakdown.

I was ripped out of the business and forced to go home to recover. I was gone for 3 months, I had let the pressure of performing and debt win out. At this stage I honestly believed that the business would fail, and all of my family’s generations of wealth would be taken away by the banks.

And you know what, that nearly happened, and the banks would not have cared ONE BIT. They made it very clear, everything would be lost if we couldn’t make ends meet.

I am forever grateful for the wonderful management team, staff and families, for helping us get through that tough time, and now, driving this thriving business forward to continued success.

However, the trauma I experienced with the banks is something I’m not sure I’ll ever fully heal.

This is when I knew I needed a way to create wealth outside of the traditional financial system, away from the grips of the banks and other controlling organisations and Governments, and that is what fuelled my journey into the wonderful world of digital assets.

The rest is history to some degree.

I have since been able to multiply my personal portfolio many times over and generate multiple passive income streams, ALL from digital assets.

This has allowed me to pay off all my personal debt and fund a lot of my current lifestyle, all through my digital asset profits to date!

… and no, I’m not bragging. I just want to show you that the opportunity is REAL. I’m a living testament to that.

Now, my mission is to share ALL my learnings to the world! WHY?

I don’t want people to go through the pain of nearly losing everything to debt like I did.

I want to empower people to do more of what they love so that we can not only improve our own lives, but those of our loved ones, and in turn, future generations to come.

I want to do my bit to lead this financial revolution and build a fairer and better world for everyone.

You see, when I saw the financial landscape change in 2020 where the banks shifted to printing so much money to recover the economy post pandemic, I could see the traps that were being laid and the debt and loss of purchasing power that would eventually result.

This is when I knew it was my obligation, my PURPOSE, to take my skills, experience and knowledge and empower others to take control over their own wealth creation story. I want to help people ensure the future prosperity for themselves and their families. The fact is that the financial system is BROKEN and we need to WAKE UP before it hits us again.

Now, more than ever, people need to BREAK OUT from the traditional debt-driven financial system we have, which I call the DEBT-DRIVEN FINANCIAL MATRIX.

The answer?
Digital assets.

The opportunity here is to bring my story, my knowledge, experience, and my strategies on how I built my digital asset portfolio and multiple passive income streams to the people - no matter where you are in your journey right now.

Yes, I believe ANYONE has the power to take control of their finances and their life. So, I want to use my unique skills and experience to empower you to do just that and start building your wealth through digital assets TODAY.

Just like how we helped my now business partner and fellow Digital Wealth Strategist, Wassim.

Hi, I’m Wassim Dabboussi.

The first thing you should know about me is that I am not a quitter. But that description of me was tested in so many different ways in the year 2020.

See, ever since I could remember, I wanted to build success and generational wealth to provide and take care of my family. Every time I look at my three amazing young men and my beautiful wife, a fire starts within me and I know why I’m doing all of this. I wanted to give them a better life - the best one I can ever create!

That’s what led me to entrepreneurship and for almost 20 years, I did it all. I was on my way to creating my wealth and I was building something for my family and I. I was an avid salesman, I owned cafes, I am a coach, and the last business I owned was a gym. 2020 comes along and you can just imagine how that went or maybe you went through something similar?

With the global pandemic, everything went into chaos. Countries were closing borders, businesses were being closed, jobs lost. People were afraid, depressed, and didn’t know what the next day would even look like.

I was one of those people. I lost EVERYTHING.

When the pandemic struck, I had to close my business and there was no institution, no bank, no help that could actually save me. What was I going to do?

Instead of help, the government gave some relief but they couldn’t control the economic effects of the lockdown. Instead of help, banks pressured more businesses to pay off debts with money they didn’t have. Instead of help, the rich just became even richer - with us getting left behind.

Plagued with all of these and no glimmer of hope, I entered into a mental health hell. I just could not see how I was going to get out of this.

But I remembered the first statement. I am not a quitter. I stared into the eyes of my young boy and I remembered exactly why I needed to fix this. As a father, I knew I had to fix this. But how?

Maybe it’s serendipity? But, a friend of mine reminded me of crypto and shared with me the incredible opportunity and the wins that people were getting. I didn’t believe it at first! I didn’t trust it. See, I had my own bad experience with crypto previously.

In 2017, I tried it blindly, trusted someone I shouldn’t have, didn’t do my research, and I lost my money. So, when you’re in a mental health hell and you’re trying to make the most of what you still have, I couldn’t even think of getting into something this risky.

But something in me just kept telling me not to pass this by and thankfully, I didn’t. So, when I found Michael and the Breakout Solutions team, I was intrigued. That “way too risky” view of crypto I had was quickly dismissed amid the amazing information I was discovering. That noisy doubt in my head was silenced. That fearful distrust was removed. The path was finally clear for me.

I needed to take back control of my wealth and my life. I needed to break free from the control of big institutions, big banks, big tech that had all the say when it came to my future. So, I did all the research, and said yes.

I wanted to discover more about crypto.

And that ONE decision changed the trajectory of my entire life!

With the help of Michael and the Breakout Solutions team, here I am on the other side and I bounced back STRONGER than ever before.

Here at Breakout Solutions, we are on the MISSION OF OUR LIVES and we’re helping MORE and MORE people BREAK OUT.

YES, today, we’re earning more than enough, securing our future and many generations after, and gaining financial independence.

But it was NOT easy! Especially doing it and learning alone…

So, we want to be the helping hand for A MILLION more people to BREAK OUT too.

No more expensive mistakes.
No more misleading scams.
No more overwhelming frustrations.
No more going through all the darkness alone.

We’re sharing with you the EXACT strategies that brought us, and our members REAL RESULTS.

One of the key strategies we’re sharing with you is…


Imagine earning 1% on your initial investment then it compounds every single day. What would that even look like?

We did the Math!
(This includes the 5% compounding tax)

* Past results do not indicate future results. The above calculation assumes all proceeds are compounded taking profits will alter results. You can only achieve $1,000 per day if your investment has compounded to a total of $100,000 worth of the underlying token.

You could compound a $150 investment into earning $1,277.21 per day after 24 months, all while doing less than 5 mins of activity a day.

Just remember that you can only achieve $1,000 per day if your investment has compounded to a total of $100,000 worth of the underlying token.

And that can take some TIME…

For some it can be some months or even a couple of years

But there are some ways to accelerate this compounding growth FASTER!

If you gradually add more to your investment weekly or monthly, the time to achieve your targeted daily return would reduce. 

* Past results do not indicate future results. The above calculation assumes all proceeds are compounded taking profits will alter results. You can only achieve $1,000 per day if your investment has compounded to a total of $100,000 worth of the underlying token.

…And if the token itself grows in value, that would accelerate your wealth creation journey even more!

The token doubled in value in less than month in January 2022. So, earning 1KaDay* completely passively in the next 2 years is POSSIBLE.

We know it sounds too good to be true, but it's not. Here's why...

This is the power of Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and the knowledge to leverage the right technology solution and the power of time.

We have a team of researchers that look for promising DeFi projects and very few of them stack up against our strict vetting and testing criteria. This is one of them.

You might be asking, "How is this even possible?"

Compound interest is the key pillar of how the rich become richer and the poor become poorer.

Compound interest is the money you earn on the interest of your investment which accumulates over time and if you approach it correctly, it can give you MASSIVE returns.

The best part?


This is a fantastic passive income strategy that you can literally do with ONLY 5 minutes of activity a day, allowing your money to work for you.

BUT, what if you can:

☑ Really earn 1KaDay  * , passively

☑ Understand exactly WHY and HOW people are getting all the massive returns you hear about

☑ Start the first chapter of your wealth journey

☑ Reliably start creating wealth through digital assets


What would that mean for you, your loved ones, your children or even future generations to come?

What would financial independence mean to you?

This can truly CHANGE YOUR LIFE only if you act RIGHT NOW and discover how.


Just like in any type of investment, there are always risks involved.

To mitigate this high-risk investment, we only recommend you to start with money you can afford and are willing to lose.

The minimum amount possible to utilise this strategy, which at the time of writing is around $150 USD.

We've seen this work and we want to empower you to get started on your investing and financial freedom journey TODAY.

Some of our members are enjoying a $500 to $600 dollar a day yield in a matter of 5 months!

If you are skeptical, that is completely understandable! We were too before we finished our due diligence process.

We’re covering EVERYTHING YOU NEED to turn your initial investment into 6 digits including the strategy above AND SO MUCH MORE…


Register Your Free Spot!

In this FREE workshop, we're covering everything you need to know HOW to turn your $100 USD into 6-digits including:

The Mindset of the Ultra Wealthy and how you can adopt it

Wealth creation secrets of the Ultra Wealthy 1%-ers and how you can put them to use for you and your loved ones

Step by Step colours by numbers guide for the highest returns

How this strategy works

The development team and how they are changing the financial landscape for everyone!

Understanding the flaws of current financial system

Wealth creation secrets exposed

Understanding this token - How the 1% a day returns are achieved

How to Diversify your Investments and the Breakout Digital Wealth Creation System


Why are we doing this for FREE?

Well, our reason is that this is personal for us!

Like what we’ve shared, we’ve been there. Both of us have been taken advantage of by the banks. We were at points where we almost and did lose everything, and we don’t want anyone else to go through that. We want to end this financial curse.

1. We know how this strategy can change everything for people. It helped change our own lives.

2. We’re on a MISSION to help BREAK OUT even more people.

3. More people that are joining this revolution will help the cause of digital assets as a whole!

4. We want you to get a taste of what you can earn in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of digital assets.

5. AND when you do decide to invest in yourself and accelerate your wealth creation, you would consider and decide to partner up with us so we can work together, to build your wealth!

BUT, it doesn’t stop here at the FREE Live Event…

When you join this community, we’re going to support you to achieve your financial goals and targets via the 1KaDay Club!

That includes:
• Members-only community of like-minded people creating passive wealth for themselves
• Secrets and strategies on how to accelerate your passive income growth
• Exclusive events to diversify your wealth and explode it to greater heights
• Special weekly FREE airdrops shared with the 1KaDay club members


This is the PERFECT guide to help you set up your investment from nothing to earning!!!

Remember, fortune favors the bold!

This is your chance to start taking charge of your financial life and earn MASSIVELY with just minimum investment.

Spaces are limited.
First come, first served.


Don’t pass up this chance and see you there! Secure your spot now!

Start your wealth creation journey today!

Let's GET that 1KaDay! 

Earn 1% a day on your investment, 365 days a year!

Register Your Free Spot!

*Terms and Conditions

1. The investment strategy outlined here takes time to grow.. This is not a get rich quick scheme. It can take many months or even years of compounding to reach desired results. Also, past results do not ensure future gains

2. Proceeds from the strategy are not in USD. All amounts earned from this strategy are paid in the underlying cryptocurrency token.

3. There are fees and taxes within this strategy. 5% tax is taken from the daily compounding and 10% tax for all other actions.

4. In order to achieve 1% a day ongoing you need to continue compounding’ your investment. If you do stop and just start taking profits, then your maximum return is 3.65x whatever your current investment has grown to.

5. You can only achieve $1,000 per day if your investment has compounded to a total of $100,000 worth of the underlying token.

6. This is still a high risk investment. We recommend you to start with money that you can afford to lose, noting that the minimum investment amount for the strategy explained is 1 token which is $135 USD at the time of writing.


This webinar is not intended to be, and should not be construed as, financial, investment, legal or taxation advice. We do not endorse any forms of investment or any particular financial products. We do not hold any financial services license and are not purporting to provide financial advice.

All information including materials referred to or provided in this webinar is referred to or provided as general information only which will require further research to identify its application to your specific requirements, and is provided by way of example only.

It is your own sole decision as to whether you wish to make purchases of digital currency and you should not rely on us when deciding whether to purchase digital currencies. Cryptocurrencies are experimental and often experience volatile price changes. Purchasing cryptocurrencies carries high risk. You should not spend money on cryptocurrency purchases which you cannot afford to lose.

The laws relating to cryptocurrencies are evolving and are not settled and while we have taken care in the formulation, presentation, and dissemination of this information we do not warrant the accuracy of any of the information or the appropriateness of the information for any of your specific requirements.

© 2022 Breakout Solutions. All Rights Reserved.