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Breakout Solutions - Annual Membership Levels

Breakout Solutions - Annual Membership Levels





Investment (paid annually)

Free $50 / month $100 / month $200 / month

Crypto News Group (Facebook)

Aggregated news from a range of sources to keep you up to date daily with what's happening

Members Chat Group (Telegram)

Real-time communication group for members. Will include real-time market messages, important notifications, group support, deals, product updates and other discussions.

Member Platform (Web)

Access to Crypto related investing resources which we are continually updating

Monthly Live Q&A (Zoom)

Live Zoom session where we answer any and all questions from other members and have various discussions live

Events From Experts

We will organise 2-4 events per year where an expert from a related area will present insights and information to assist you on your crypto journey. This could be relating to tax, investment, personal development, etc

Weekly Market Update (Video)

Video update where we look at key news updates, where we are in the market cycle and what we can expect. We summarise our news sources, look at charts and onchain data to determine how we can manage our portfolio for the week ahead

Diamond In The Rough (DITR) Training

Videos on how to effectively research and choose projects, creating and managing accounts, using decentralised exchanges, liquidity management, use order books, etc

Diamond In The Rough (DITR) Picks

High potential return projects with our Research Summary Reports (RSR) to give you the information you need to review, select and purchase

Passive Income Strategies

Training to educate you on the various passive income strategies AND instructional guides and videos for setting all of them up yourself

News & Access to Private Sales (ICOs, IEOs, IDOs)

News, updates and access (where we can control it eg ICOs) to private sales to get super low token prices

Fortnightly Group Coaching Session: Topic + Q&A (Zoom)

Zoom session to coaching you on an income generating topic of your choice with Q&A to answer any questions you have