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Attention: Crypto Investors and Enthusiasts


The Fastest Way To Wealth Is To Buy, Hold And

Generate Passive Income From The RIGHT Assets!

Here’s How You Can Do It Too! 


This is the ideal PICKED-FOR-YOU Cryptocurrencies and Tokens that you SHOULD be holding onto for dear life! From our comprehensive and detailed research team, we scoured the CryptoVerse for the BEST investments that we believe will appreciate over time! 


We’re giving you the EXACT investments that we believe in, how to get in and how much you should be investing in each. This is the EASIEST way to set-up your PASSIVE income in crypto without the stress of day trading, overwhelming information or incredible losses.



44, 549, 900% GAIN!


It would have been even greater if you invested when it first released in 2009 at about a cent!



    Invested $15,000 USD in 150 Bitcoin in 2013 and is now building his $1.4 million dream home!

    Meet Erik Finman

    A teenager that invested $1000 USD in 2011 and grew his investment to 401 bitcoins which is now over $26 Million

    US Dollars Worth

    Meet Nikki Beesetti

    Initially invested $2,000 in Bitcoin back in 2017 and has

    now paid off her college tuition and her car loan for a

    Tesla Model 3.

These are only a few of the current 100,000 (and more) Bitcoin millionaires that are now sitting on top of HUGE life-changing wealth.


While some of these examples started out with a big investment, others used the BEST FREE TOOL THEY HAVE:


In any type of investment, TIME IS YOUR GREATEST ADVANTAGE.

Every Billionaire investor, financial guru, and parent will tell you to


That’s because you can use time to help you gain the wealth you

dream of, minimize risk, and compound interest to your advantage! 

Just imagine if you have another chance to put in an investment and get

 20x, 100x, even 1000x returns?

What would that mean to you?

I want to build my wealth sustainably over time!

Give Me Instant Access To The “ Millionaire’s HODL and Prosper


The BEST Copycat Portfolio for Easy Value Appreciation & Passive


Here’s How You Can Easily Create a Passive

Income Stream that you can rely on through bull and bear markets, having the conviction that it will grow over time!

Sit back, relax, and watch your wealth grow over the years!

Now, does this sound like you?

You’re a beginner cryptocurrency investor that wants to set up his

wealth to last a lifetime. You now want to set-up multiple passive

income streams that you can just set and forget. Something you know will go up over time despite any dips and highs in between.

Currently, you’re focused on cryptocurrency research and learning, but all you really want is to cut out the noise, mitigate risk of such a

volatile market, and set yourself up for success - without the stress

and overwhelm of looking for the next best thing to “go to the moon”.


But unfortunately, you still have to pour hours and hours of time and effort into research, a lot of money to do trial and error with intense risk before you can move forward, and the emotional stress

of watching each investment go up and down every single day.

You’re a You’re probably so frustrated whenever you hear any news about the market going down and up. It gets difficult to separate your emotions when you have to watch your investment value everyday. 

Here’s How You Can Easily Create a Passive

Income Stream that you can rely on through bull

and bear markets, having the conviction that it

will grow over time!

How can you find the best investments that you can just keep

and you know you can have massive returns for?

 I know how that feels because I’ve been there!

I invested in over 50 “up and coming” new tokens in 2017 where they were just being introduced to the public. 

And admittedly, a bunch of them went to ZERO - FAST. But, I learned from that and found a couple that went 20x, 100x, and MORE which more than made up for the investments I made that went to zero.

One of those was my investment in Chainlink.

Chainlink had a SLOW rise with next to nothing value for a couple of

years until it steadily grew in 2020 and dropped dramatically then

stabilized again.

The great part? I got into LINK quite early on, when it was less than 20

cents, and now that it’s valued at about 20 USD. 

So, I’m sitting on a 1000x gain!

What can a 1000x gain mean to you after a few years?

When all is said and done, do you want to have bullet-proof financial

wealth that would grow steadily and safely so that you can have the

freedom to create the life you’ve always dreamed of?

BUT you just don’t know exactly which projects you can get in early

and take advantage of the TIME you still have.

 You want to listen to the advice of the Billionaires that have created

their crazy, generational, massive wealth over the years that said


If this sounds at all like you and your situation, then I'd like to invite

you to check out...

The Millionaire’s HODL and Prosper Portfolio

Do you want to set up an investment plan where you can just set it

and forget it and TRUST you’ll have GREAT RETURNS after

sometime, BUT

Don’t know what to invest in, how to do the research, where to find the

diamonds and how to set up a winning passive income stream for

each coin or token?

The Millionaire’s HODL and Prosper Portfolio is the consolidated list of the most ideal picks that you can still invest in NOW, take a step back for a number of years, and realize massive gains! This is created by our 4 man research team that have poured in hours and hours of research to ensure you can safely invest and create an easy passive income stream and build bullet-proof longer term financial wealth.

We have reviewed hundreds of cryptocurrency offers and used our 30,000 USD-worth of research sources, exclusive telegram groups and trusted industry experts, to narrow down to the top ~20 picks you KNOW you can hold and prosper!

You’re gonna LOVE this! Here’s a taste of what you can get when you sign up to get the

Millionaire’s HODL and Prosper Portfolio:

1. HODL and Prosper Portfolio Spreadsheet. The shortcut to finding your first great crypto

deal that could grow enough to set you up for lifetimes! And immediately start investing in

cryptocurrency... even if you're not sure you can do it. This is an excel sheet with all of the

tokens in this portfolio with all the research behind them. This includes the token’s ticker,

social follower counts, social links, our research score and commentary and links for further

research. Valued at: $997

2. Research Summary Reports (RSR). Bypass making high-risk investments in so many

different projects that could either go to zero or bring you closer to a prosperous life. Make

better investment decisions and remove the guesswork of choosing which token to buy into

with our Research Summary Reports for each of the chosen projects. Valued at: $1997

3. Passive Income Instructions. Each coin/token has an instructional video on exactly

how you can set up a passive income option for each! We have investigated all the

passive income options for each coin/token and done the hard work to choose the one

most suitable to implementing for longer term hold, from a safety perspective and a

return on investment perspective. Valued at: $1997

4. Weighted Portfolio Calculation. We have also weighted this portfolio such that you can

enter the amount of capital you want to invest in gaming and it automatically calculates your

individual token investment amounts! Valued at: $997

5. Recommended Exchanges. Not sure where to buy a given token? We have done the

analysis on the best and safest exchanges to buy each token, either using a Centralised

Exchange (CEX) or a Decentralised Exchange (DEX). Valued at $297

And so much more!!

Eliminate the stress and hours of research in cryptocurrency -


No more guesswork, no more high-risk trial and error,

opt-in this innovation confidently and start earning TODAY!

Here is a screenshot of the portfolio that shows the level of effort that went into building this package.

Research includes a Research Report for each token, our rating, socials analysis, exchanges,

chart analysis, etc.

We have weighted the portfolio and even made it so you just need to enter how much you want

to invest (the yellow cell) and it calculates the individual allocations for you.

The 'Lifer' option means you get access for life which includes all newly added projects, portfolio adjustments, buy/sell alerts, and more.



$1497 USD ONLY

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If you sign up now, we’ll ALSO include the


ALL Researched Tokens and Associated Research ($997)

Diamond In The Rough (DITR) Training

Charting using TradingView


We are going to include our full list of tokens and research for the tokens that didn’t make the grade. If you are a bit more of a risk taker, you could also consider these investments

Exclusive guide on the process of how to buy a token from where to find it, which exchanges to use, and all the way to having it in your wallet.

One of a kind group coaching session with our experts on how to use TradingView, set it up, read the charts, and gain valuable insight.

Technical Analysis to Determine Short Term Entry Points


Automating a Token Trading Strategy Using Orders

Group coaching on how to use charts for your portfolio’s advantage and how it can optimize your returns by exactly knowing when to buy and when to sell.

This skill is useful for optimizing your returns as an investor and trader. A semi-automated approach to take you to the next level without having to monitor the charts 24/7.

Included Value: $8,276!

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If you want to have LIFETIME access and support to help you create the life you dream of, we’re offering you a lifetime millionaire “lifer” pack where you get access to our experts, community, and      up-to-date strategies as things change in the CryptoVerse for ONLY an extra $500

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Join the Breakout Gaming Portfolio Community For Life!

Get LIFER access to the Breakout Crypto HODL and Prosper Portfolio Community

1. Exclusive telegram group. Learn the secrets you can use to create bullet-proof financial wealth from the experts themselves and a community of active hodl investors. Join our exclusive community of investors to communicate and succeed together. Get the latest news in new tokens or developments.

2. Portfolio updates. As we identify required changes to the portfolio we will update a LIVE google sheet so you have these updates and can make informed ongoing decisions. This might include removing a project from the portfolio or adding a new exciting project.

Once Off Investment: Additional $500 USD FOR LIFE

A few of the success stories...

"I can’t speak highly enough about Breakout Solutions. These guys are knowledgeable, professional, trustworthy and a real pleasure to deal with.

My portfolio has performed extremely well and way above my initial expectation.

However to me the primary value of the service is in the immense knowledge and research which is continually being made available.

I know for sure that without this level of knowledge and support I would have made some costly mistakes."

John Mitchell

IT Manager and Breakout Solutions Member

"I knew I wanted to get into crypto but I had no idea where to start. There’s no way I could navigate the crypto market without someone that knows their stuff and also spends the time required.

After joining Breakout Solutions my portfolio has tripled and the best gains have come from crypto projects I’d never have discovered without Michael and Breakout’s help.

I highly recommend and value the services from Breakout Solutions."

Dave Meney

Business Owner and Breakout Solutions Member

"Crypto is such a steep learning curve and you want a decent guide beside you so you don't fall into all the traps most new investors do.

These guys certainly know their stuff! It’s been very beneficial to learn from their mistakes and experience.

I was just doing the basics with the likes of BTC and ETH because I didn't really know what other coins to invest in... these guys have got me into a well diversified portfolio that I would have never considered - and the results speak for themselves.

I don't know any other investment vehicle that can nearly 3X your money in 3 months... it's nuts!"

Lance Jensen

Business Owner and Breakout Solutions Member

"Most crypto and digital currency businesses and services distract you with flashing lights and great visuals, but they have little understanding of the actual technologies that run cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Breakout solutions have a professional background in technology and programming, so they can more dependably understand and forecast the value of different types of technology.

Their intelligence and unique approach to digital wealth strategies, and their own personal background with investing, makes them the best that I’ve worked with. I love their work and proudly endorse them."

Cyndi McCoy

Founder of 24:7 Friend and Breakout Solutions member

"I was interested in crypto but didn’t know the right people to guide me through this unique market.

The Breakout team have been very professional and assisted greatly in helping me benefit significantly from this opportunity.

Having experienced the process from start to finish, I am a big fan and I do not hesitate when recommending them to assist others on their crypto journey."

Stephen McCarthy

Insurance Broker and Breakout Solutions Member

“I had no idea how to navigate the crypto space and wouldn't dare to try myself given how “risky” it is.

The team at Breakout has taught me the initial steps to start trading and to think critically of what the next move is.

Since joining them I have been able to nearly triple my portfolio and now have the knowledge and confidence to continue progressing myself.

I would highly recommend the Breakout team if you’re looking for someone to support you on your Crypto Journey!”

Andrew Huynh

Physiotherapist and Breakout Solutions Member



$1,497USD ($1,997USD For Lifer)


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