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Discover The 5 Step Process to Leverage Digital Assets
To Create Wealth Like The Super Rich Do,
Without a Lot of Time or Technical Knowhow

A few of the knowledge gems you're going to discover on this webinar

How to create wealth by investing in digital assets

The key methods I used to exponentially grow my digital asset portfolio

The reason 99% of investors fail when entering the crypto market

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Option 1: You can get into Crypto solo

1. You will need to invest endless hours researching and sifting through over 18,000 coins and tokens to figure out which ones will 100X in the next bull market.

2. You could potentially get hacked, invest in pyramid schemes and/or get rug pulled by bad actors in what is still an unregulated market, potentially losing your hard-earned funds.

3. You will likely be second guessing when the market tops and bottoms are, forget to take profits, redeploy funds to projects at the wrong time or incorrectly rebalance your portfolio, all resulting in loss of profits or your initial investment capital.

4. You may not use the right platforms or have the right security setup, resulting in losing account access, losing funds or having funds stolen by hackers. This is a lot more common than you might think.

5. You go at it alone without the support of experienced crypto investors and traders, relying on limited knowledge and experience and being subject to emotional decisions, all resulting in poor decisions and loss of funds or missed opportunities.

6. You could end up feeling isolated and lost in what is a very complex space and end up dismissing crypto investing as being “too hard”, never realising the potential benefits of your investment, which when done right can change your life!

Option 2: You can be mentored

1. We have over 30 years combined experience from our extensive research team who complete vetting of hundreds of projects for you to determine the best investments for you.

2. Our research team researches and identifies scams and our community gets regular scam and rugpull alerts to know which projects / coins / tokens to avoid investing in.

3. You will have access to a full-time trader who is knowledgeable in market cycles and helps to identify the best times to buy and sell and at what levels to buy to give you the best opportunity for profits.

4. You will have the support of a coaching team and members portal with educational content and step by step 'how to' videos on setting up everything you need to be a successful sophisticated crypto investor.

5. You have access to our experienced customer support team working to answer any of your questions whenever you get stuck or need guidance.

6. Have peace of mind knowing you are in good experienced hands from a team of crypto investors that have been down the same path as you and are empathetic to the challenges of succeeding in crypto investing.

7. You’ll be part of a growing community of like-minded wealth builders all going through a similar journey with you.

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Millionaire Club Membership Inclusions:

✅  Everything in Decrypting Crypto 

✅  Everything in 1KaDayClub

✅  Mirror Portfolio Service - "Hands off" diversified crypto portfolio allowing you to get exposure to the best altcoin upside growth potential whilst minimising risk through hedging using Bitcoin and Stablecoins

✅ Money Mindset Course + Live Training - Develop the bulletproof mindset required to be successful in investing. Work through a defined process of identifying and removing money blocks holding you back from your financial goals. Includes a live group coaching session as part of the “break out” process.

✅  HODL Portfolio

✔️  HODL Portfolio Spreadsheet
The shortcut to finding your crypto long term holds that could grow enough to set you up for lifetimes! This includes the token’s ticker, social follower counts, social links, our research score and commentary and links for further research.

✔️  Research Summary Reports (RSR).
Bypass making high-risk investments in so many different projects that could either go to zero or bring you closer to a prosperous life. Make better investment decisions and remove the guesswork of choosing which token to buy into with our Research Summary Reports for each of the chosen projects.

✔️  Passive Income Instructions
Each coin/token has an instructional video on exactly how you can set up a passive income option for each! We have investigated all the passive income options for each coin/token and done the hard work to choose the one most suitable to implementing for longer term hold, from a safety perspective and a return on investment perspective.

✔️  Weighted Portfolio Calculation
We have also weighted this portfolio such that you can enter the amount of capital you want to invest in gaming and it automatically calculates your individual token investment amounts!

✔️  Recommended Exchanges
Not sure where to buy a given token? We have done the analysis on the best and safest exchanges to buy each token, either using a Centralised Exchange (CEX) or a Decentralised Exchange (DEX). 

✔️  Bonuses
ALL Researched Tokens and Associated Research, Diamond In The Rough (DITR) Training, Charting, using TradingView, Technical Analysis to Determine Short Term Entry Points, Automating a Token Trading Strategy Using Orders.

✅  Gaming Portfolio

✔️  Gaming Portfolio Spreadsheet
The shortcut to finding your great crypto deal in gaming - Today! This includes the token’s ticker, social follower counts, social links, our research score and commentary and links for further research. 

✔️  Research Summary Reports (RSR)
Bypass making high-risk investments that rarely pay off trying to find his first great crypto deal in gaming. Make better investment decisions and remove the guesswork of choosing which token to buy into with our Research Summary Reports for each of the chosen projects. 

✔️ Weighted Portfolio Calculation.
We have also weighted this portfolio such that you can enter the amount of capital you want to invest in gaming and it automatically calculates your individual token investment amounts! 

✔️  Recommended Exchanges
Not sure where to buy a given token? We have done the analysis on the best and safest exchanges to buy each token, either using a Centralised Exchange (CEX) or a Decentralised Exchange (DEX). 

✅  Diamonds In The Rough (DITR)

✔️  Diamond In The Rough (DITR) Training
Videos on how to effectively research and choose projects, creating and managing accounts, using decentralised exchanges, liquidity management, use order books, etc.

✔️  All Diamond In The Rough (DITR) Picks
High potential return projects with our Research Summary Reports (RSR) to give you the information you need to review, select and purchase.

✅  Exclusive Opportunities 

✔️  Access to IDOs, Launchpads & Airdrops
News, updates and access to public & private sales (IDOs) and launchpads, to get super low token prices + airdrops (free crypto)!

✔️  NFTs
Weekly News, Updates, What’s HOT, New & Upcoming Releases, NFT tracking tools including Profit and Loss, Access to whitelists of hyped projects (added cost per project). Get priority and allocation to new releases before anyone else.

✔️  Syndicates
Investment opportunities that involve combining with other investors such that you don’t need to have the technical expertise or time to invest and manage. These could be IDOs, launchpads, NFT’s or others. 

✅  Passive Income Course + Support

✔️  Protocol X & Y
Innovative DeFi Platforms to grant you ownership in a deflationary, fully decentralised yield farm / lending protocol. This will generate daily yield which can either be re-invested to grow your digital asset capital base, or to cash out in the form of passive income. Learn how to set up and manage this DeFi farming solution.

✅ Weekly Coaching Sessions 

✔️ Weekly Group Coaching Session: Topic + Q&A (Zoom)
Zoom session to coach on a requested income generating topic with Q&A to answer any questions you have.

A few of the previous topics:
Bitcoin Model & On-Chain Analysis - Tools and Examples
 Expert DeFi Tools: Tools To Navigate The DeFi World
Investing / Trading: A Decision Making & Execution Framework
How to Spot and Avoid Online Scams
Understanding and Managing ETH Gas
Automating a Profit Taking Strategy on a Decentralised Exchange (DEX)
Bear Markets - Identification and Actions
Plus a Lot More…

✅ Private Coaching Sessions 

✔️  6 x 1:1 Private Coaching Sessions
Jump on a Zoom call with one of our coaches to upskill your Crypto skills covering topics such as:

A few topics you can book a call for:
Using Tools For On-Chain Analysis
 Using Tools To Navigate The Defi World
Technical Analysis Training Using Tradingview
Money and Minset Training
Plus anything else you would like to cover


    Decrypting Crypto:

    1KaDay Club:

    Mirrored Portfolio Service 

    Money Mindset Course + Live Training

    HODL, Gaming, and Future Portfolios 

    Diamond In The Rough (DITR) Training + Picks 

    IDOs, Syndicates, NFTs and Airdrops 

    Protocol X & Y Education Course + Support

    Weekly Coaching Sessions 

  • INCLUSION #10:
    1:1 Private Coaching Sessions 

  • Done For You (DFY) Complete Setup - Bolt-On

    Our premium service - we will take care of everything from creating accounts & onboarding your funds through to setting up your entire portfolio
     You have all of our years of experience working directly for you
    You just provide us with some information to help set everything up and deposit your initial funds, and we do the rest
    You just let us know when you want to deposit or withdraw funds and we will help facilitate it for you
    Everything is always in YOUR accounts
    We will set you up with two mobile apps that will allow you to track everything
     This allows you to get into the market quickly and then take your time with the education programs

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    A great opportunity to continue learning and investing into the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain space!

    A few of the success stories...

    "I can’t speak highly enough about Breakout Solutions. These guys are knowledgeable, professional, trustworthy and a real pleasure to deal with.

    My portfolio has performed extremely well and way above my initial expectation.

    However to me the primary value of the service is in the immense knowledge and research which is continually being made available.

    I know for sure that without this level of knowledge and support I would have made some costly mistakes."

    John Mitchell

    IT Manager and Breakout Solutions Member

    "I knew I wanted to get into crypto but I had no idea where to start. There’s no way I could navigate the crypto market without someone that knows their stuff and also spends the time required.

    After joining Breakout Solutions my portfolio has tripled and the best gains have come from crypto projects I’d never have discovered without Michael and Breakout’s help.

    I highly recommend and value the services from Breakout Solutions."

    Dave Meney

    Business Owner and Breakout Solutions Member

    "Crypto is such a steep learning curve and you want a decent guide beside you so you don't fall into all the traps most new investors do.

    These guys certainly know their stuff! It’s been very beneficial to learn from their mistakes and experience.

    I was just doing the basics with the likes of BTC and ETH because I didn't really know what other coins to invest in... these guys have got me into a well diversified portfolio that I would have never considered - and the results speak for themselves.

    I don't know any other investment vehicle that can nearly 3X your money in 3 months... it's nuts!"

    Lance Jensen

    Business Owner and Breakout Solutions Member


    "Most crypto and digital currency businesses and services distract you with flashing lights and great visuals, but they have little understanding of the actual technologies that run cryptocurrency and blockchain.

    Breakout solutions have a professional background in technology and programming, so they can more dependably understand and forecast the value of different types of technology.

    Their intelligence and unique approach to digital wealth strategies, and their own personal background with investing, makes them the best that I’ve worked with. I love their work and proudly endorse them."

    Cyndi McCoy

    Founder of 24:7 Friend and Breakout Solutions member

    "The way Michael explained Crypto was simple, easy and captivating. After speaking to the team at Breakout Solutions and getting to know them, they put all my worries at rest.

    I have tried multiple investment strategies in the past, including holding physical gold, having a licensed financial advisor, bonds, property and trying to work stuff out on my own. I have never had returns like this in my life.

    If you are on the fence about Crypto I would highly recommend speaking to the team and getting started ASAP so you can benefit from the best performing asset class in history."

    Wassim Dabboussi

    Entrepreneur & Speaker and Breakout Solutions Member

    “I had no idea how to navigate the crypto space and wouldn't dare to try myself given how “risky” it is.

    The team at Breakout has taught me the initial steps to start trading and to think critically of what the next move is.

    Since joining them I have been able to nearly triple my portfolio and now have the knowledge and confidence to continue progressing myself.

    I would highly recommend the Breakout team if you’re looking for someone to support you on your Crypto Journey!”

    Andrew Huynh

    Physiotherapist and Breakout Solutions Member

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