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Crypto For Business Starter Pack Benefits:

✅  Set up your digital asset infrastructure including:

✔️  FIAT onboarding

✔️  Custody and security

✔️  Spending options (e.g. Crypto Debit Card)

✔️  Portfolio monitoring mobile apps

✔️  Tax tracking and monitoring

✅  Implement a revenue / payment solution including crypto payments and BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) capability

✅  Safely purchase your first digital assets

✅  Set up your first passive income streams

✅  Get personalized, group, and community support

✅  Join a community of hundreds all aiming to build wealth via digital assets


    60-Minute Strategy & Onboarding Session (Valued at $997)

    Digital Wealth Foundations - Business Version (Valued at $3,679)

    Accepting Crypto Payments for Business (Valued at $997)

    Spending Your Crypto Course - Crypto Credit Card Included (Valued at $997)

    Crypto Tax 101 Course (Valued at $997)

    Access to our Digital Wealth Collective Portal & Community - Slack (Valued at $1,494)

    2x 45-Minute 1-On-1 Consulting / Assistance Sessions (Valued at $997)

  • Total Value: $10,158

    RRP: $1,997

    Pre-sale Special: $997!

    Bonus: 12 months of our flagship package The 1KaDay Club valued at
    $16,431 inclusions + $2,579 bonuses

    Total Value: $29,169 for only $997!

    A few of the success stories...

    "I can’t speak highly enough about Breakout Solutions. These guys are knowledgeable, professional, trustworthy and a real pleasure to deal with.

    My portfolio has performed extremely well and way above my initial expectation.

    However to me the primary value of the service is in the immense knowledge and research which is continually being made available.

    I know for sure that without this level of knowledge and support I would have made some costly mistakes."

    John Mitchell

    IT Manager and Breakout Solutions Member

    "I knew I wanted to get into crypto but I had no idea where to start. There’s no way I could navigate the crypto market without someone that knows their stuff and also spends the time required.

    After joining Breakout Solutions my portfolio has tripled and the best gains have come from crypto projects I’d never have discovered without Michael and Breakout’s help.

    I highly recommend and value the services from Breakout Solutions."

    Dave Meney

    Business Owner and Breakout Solutions Member

    "Crypto is such a steep learning curve and you want a decent guide beside you so you don't fall into all the traps most new investors do.

    These guys certainly know their stuff! It’s been very beneficial to learn from their mistakes and experience.

    I was just doing the basics with the likes of BTC and ETH because I didn't really know what other coins to invest in... these guys have got me into a well diversified portfolio that I would have never considered - and the results speak for themselves.

    I don't know any other investment vehicle that can nearly 3X your money in 3 months... it's nuts!"

    Lance Jensen

    Business Owner and Breakout Solutions Member


    "Most crypto and digital currency businesses and services distract you with flashing lights and great visuals, but they have little understanding of the actual technologies that run cryptocurrency and blockchain.

    Breakout solutions have a professional background in technology and programming, so they can more dependably understand and forecast the value of different types of technology.

    Their intelligence and unique approach to digital wealth strategies, and their own personal background with investing, makes them the best that I’ve worked with. I love their work and proudly endorse them."

    Cyndi McCoy

    Founder of 24:7 Friend and Breakout Solutions member

    "The way Michael explained Crypto was simple, easy and captivating. After speaking to the team at Breakout Solutions and getting to know them, they put all my worries at rest.

    I have tried multiple investment strategies in the past, including holding physical gold, having a licensed financial advisor, bonds, property and trying to work stuff out on my own. I have never had returns like this in my life.

    If you are on the fence about Crypto I would highly recommend speaking to the team and getting started ASAP so you can benefit from the best performing asset class in history."

    Wassim Dabboussi

    Entrepreneur & Speaker and Breakout Solutions Member

    “I had no idea how to navigate the crypto space and wouldn't dare to try myself given how “risky” it is.

    The team at Breakout has taught me the initial steps to start trading and to think critically of what the next move is.

    Since joining them I have been able to nearly triple my portfolio and now have the knowledge and confidence to continue progressing myself.

    I would highly recommend the Breakout team if you’re looking for someone to support you on your Crypto Journey!”

    Andrew Huynh

    Physiotherapist and Breakout Solutions Member

    Crypto For Business Starter Pack

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