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Breakout Solutions presents you...

Earn 1% a day on your investment, 365 days a year!

8th Feb 2022 | 6PM AEDT OR
10th Feb 2022 | 8AM AEDT

Live Zoom Virtual Event

Want to discover how to join the hundreds of people earning 1,000 USD every single day PASSIVELY?


Just think about what earning an
extra 1,000 USD a day. That could mean…

Completely Paying Off Your Loans

Finally Building an Emergency Fund

Going On a Dream Vacation

Owning a House

Driving Your Favorite Car

Getting Your Kids Through College

Starting Your Own Business

A Retirement Fund

Complete Financial Freedom

How can an extra $1,000 USD a day change your life? You might be asking, “How is this even possible?".

Compound interest is the key pillar of how the rich become richer and the poor become poorer.

Compound interest is the money you earn on the interest of your investment which
accumulates over time and if you approach it correctly, it can give you MASSIVE returns.

The best part?


This is the ultimate passive income strategy that you can literally do with ONLY 5 minutes of activity a day and allow your money to work for you.

Here are some SHOCKING MONEY FACTS that might resonate with you about your financial future:

1. 50% of Australia’s working population is living paycheque to paycheque. According to a research done by the National Australia Bank's wealth management arm, MLC

2. And the problem is worse among the millennial age group, with 70% admitting that they are living paycheque to paycheque and struggling to make ends meet. Can you relate to this?

3. A life with no savings makes it even harder these days especially in the pandemic! A staggering 66% of Australians actually don’t have enough savings to cover six months if they ever lose their jobs.

4. AND 23% of Australians don’t even have emergency savings AT ALL. Do you?

If this sounds like you...

You are VULNERABLE to emergency situations, a pandemic, or even big corporations.

And if you do reach a time when you need money and you don’t have savings, the only choice most people would have is to go to a bank and take out DEBT.

Even when interest rates are extremely low, it could ruin your financial future.

Actually, Australians have over $32 Billion in just credit card debt.

And because of that over 60% of Australians are worried about their debt AND THEY SHOULD BE.

The fact is MOST people need extra money but they don’t have it when they need it!

Imagine earning 1% on your initial investment compounding every single day.

How would that look like for you?

We did the Math:

Disclaimer: Above calculations assume you do not take any profits along the way and don't factor in transaction fees. Both of these will will alter results.

You can turn $100 into a whopping $127,958.09 in 24 months, yielding you $1,279.58 a day while doing less than 5 mins of activity per day.

What would an extra $1,279.58 a day mean to you?

And there are so many ways that you can join the $1KaDay club EVEN faster!

From an initial investment of $1,000, you can get to $1,000 a day in just 6 months.

And if you increase your first investment, that 16 months would be shorter.

And if you add more to your investment every month, that would be even shorter again.

And if the token itself grows in value, that would get you to the $1KaDay club even faster.

The token already doubled in a matter of a month!

So, earning $1KaDay completely passively in the next 2 years is COMPLETELY PLAUSIBLE.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but it's not. Here's why...

This is the power of Decentralised Finance and the knowledge to leverage the right technology solution with good risk management practices.

We have a team of researchers that look for these projects and very few of them stack up against our strict vetting and testing criteria - this one did!

Register Your Spot!

We've seen this work and we want to empower you to get started on your investing and financial freedom journey TODAY.

Some of our members are enjoying a $500 to $600 dollar a day yield in a matter of 5 months!

In this FREE workshop, we're covering everything you need to know HOW to turn your $100 USD into 6-digits including:

The Mindset of the Ultra Wealthy and how you can adopt it

Wealth creation secrets of the Ultra Wealthy 1%-ers and how you can put them to use for you and your loved ones

Step by Step colours by numbers guide for the highest returns

How this strategy works

The development team and how they are changing the financial landscape for everyone!

Understanding the flaws of current financial system

Wealth creation secrets exposed

Understanding the Protocol - How the 1% a day returns are achieved

The Breakout Solutions digital wealth creation system

When you join this community, we’re going to support you until you FINALLY JOIN THE 1KaDAY CLUB!

That includes:

• Members-only community of like-minded people creating passive wealth for themselves and their families

• Secrets and strategies on how to accelerate your gains to get to the 1KaDay club faster

• Exclusive events to diversify your wealth and explode it to greater heights

• Special weekly FREE airdrops worth $1000-2000 USD shared with the 1KaDay club members 

This is the PERFECT guide to help you set up your investment from nothing to earning, ALL IN ONE DAY!

Remember, fortune favors the bold!

This is your chance to start taking charge of your financial life and earn MASSIVELY with just minimum investment.

Spaces limited.
First come, first served.

This is going to be an exclusive event where we will walk you through the whole system and how you can leverage it yourself.


Don’t pass up this chance and see you there! Secure your spot now!

Earn 1% a day on your investment, 365 days a year!

8th February 2022 | 6PM AEDT OR
10th February 2022 | 8AM AEDT

Live Zoom Virtual Event

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