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1KaDay Club Membership

Everything you need to succeed with crypto & blockchain investing!

(All prices indicated are in USD.)

1KaDay Club Inclusions

  • Decrypting Crypto Package

  • Digital Wealth Foundations Course + Ongoing Support

  • Mini-Mirrored Portfolio

  • 1% Passive Income Course + Ongoing Support

  • How To Spend Your Crypto Mini-Course

  • Monthly Research Report

  • Monthly Update / Coaching Session

  • Weekly Airdrops

  • Bonuses:

  • Financial Freedom Formula

  • How to Prevent Hackers From Stealing Your Assets

  • How To Spot and Avoid Scams

  • How To Create Generational Wealth In a Bear Market

  • Portfolio-Tracking App Training

  • 45-Minute 1-On-1 Onboarding Session

  • Your investment is protected by our 14-day 100% money-back guarantee. All we ask is that you make a serious attempt to implement the training

  • All payments are 100% secure. Payments are processed using 256-bit SSL Encryption. No credit card information is stored on our site.

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